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Important provable formulas are given by isomorphisms and by equivalences.

In many of the cases below the converse implication does not hold.



Standard distributivities

A\plus (B\with C) \limp (A\plus B)\with (A\plus C)

A\tens (B\with C) \limp (A\tens B)\with (A\tens C)

\exists \xi . (A \with B) \limp (\exists \xi . A) \with (\exists \xi . B)

Linear distributivities

A\tens (B\parr C) \limp (A\tens B)\parr C

\exists \xi. (A \parr B) \limp A \parr \exists \xi.B  \quad  (\xi\notin A)

A \tens \forall \xi.B \limp \forall \xi. (A \tens B) \quad  (\xi\notin A)


(A\with B)\plus (A\with C) \limp A\with (B\plus C)

(A\parr B)\plus (A\parr C) \limp A\parr (B\plus C)

(\forall \xi . A) \plus (\forall \xi . B) \limp \forall \xi . (A \plus B)


\one \limp A\orth\parr A

A\tens A\orth \limp\bot

Additive structure

  A\with B &\limp& A &\quad& A\with B &\limp& B &\quad& A &\limp& \top\\
  A &\limp& A\plus B &\quad& B &\limp& A\plus B &\quad& \zero &\limp& A


  A &\limp& \forall \xi.A  &\quad  (\xi\notin A) \\
  \exists \xi.A &\limp& A  &\quad  (\xi\notin A)

  \forall \xi_1.\forall \xi_2. A &\limp& \forall \xi. A[^\xi/_{\xi_1},^\xi/_{\xi_2}] \\
  \exists \xi.A[^\xi/_{\xi_1},^\xi/_{\xi_2}] &\limp& \exists \xi_1. \exists \xi_2.A

Exponential structure

Provable formulas involving exponential connectives only provide us with the lattice of exponential modalities.

  \oc A &\limp& A &\quad& A&\limp&\wn A\\
  \oc A &\limp& 1 &\quad& \bot &\limp& \wn A

Monoidality of exponentials

  \wn(A\parr B) &\limp& \wn A\parr\wn B \\
  \oc A\tens\oc B &\limp& \oc(A\tens B) \\
 \oc{(A \with B)} &\limp& \oc{A} \with \oc{B} \\
 \wn{A} \plus \wn{B} &\limp& \wn{(A \plus B)} \\
 \wn{(A \with B)} &\limp& \wn{A} \with \wn{B} \\
 \oc{A} \plus \oc{B} &\limp& \oc{(A \plus B)}

Promotion principles

 \oc{A} \tens \wn{B} &\limp& \wn{(A \tens B)} \\
 \oc{(A \parr B)} &\limp& \wn{A} \parr \oc{B}


\exists \xi . \wn A \limp \wn{\exists \xi . A}

\oc{\forall \xi . A} \limp \forall \xi . \oc A

\wn{\forall \xi . A} \limp \forall \xi . \wn A

\exists \xi . \oc A \limp \oc{\exists \xi . A}

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